Bessel Class Reference

#include <Bessel.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static double Jmn (int order, int root)
static double Nmn (int order, int root)
static double JM (const int order, const double x)
static double NM (const int order, const double argument)

Static Private Member Functions

static double exponent (double i, int power)
static double abs (const double x)
static double fact (const double)
static void JYNDD (int N, double X, double *BJN, double *DJN, double *FJN, double *BYN, double *DYN, double *FYN)
static void JYZO (int N, int NT, double *RJ0, double *RJ1, double *RY0, double *RY1)

Member Function Documentation

double Bessel::Jmn ( int  order,
int  root 
) [static]

double Bessel::Nmn ( int  order,
int  root 
) [static]

double Bessel::JM ( const int  order,
const double  x 
) [static]

double Bessel::NM ( const int  order,
const double  argument 
) [static]

double Bessel::exponent ( double  i,
int  power 
) [static, private]

double Bessel::abs ( const double  x  )  [static, private]

double Bessel::fact ( const   double  )  [static, private]

void Bessel::JYNDD ( int  N,
double  X,
double *  BJN,
double *  DJN,
double *  FJN,
double *  BYN,
double *  DYN,
double *  FYN 
) [static, private]

void Bessel::JYZO ( int  N,
int  NT,
double *  RJ0,
double *  RJ1,
double *  RY0,
double *  RY1 
) [static, private]

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