Build Class Reference

4.0: Completely new structure. More...

#include <Build.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static DString getBuild ()
static DString getVersion ()

Static Public Attributes

static DString todo

Detailed Description

4.0: Completely new structure.

Only thing that is new is the general setup and most class names. Templates are used (correctly). Also everything is organized with headers. There is also a liblinal library (static).

Changes (since 3.2)

3.2: Added roots of bessel functions of first and second kinds

3.6: Since 3.6, LinAl uses double instead of floating point precision 3.7: Complex Variable added(only complex numbers) 3.8: Added Save to console version. Fixed the bug in calliing functions without parameters Added conjugation of complex variables. 3.8.1: Fixed bug to prevent malformed expressions to crash the program 3.8.2: Fixed bug in FunctionsHelp to prevent a crash when help is requested for a Function that has not help information 3.8.3: Expanded functionality of Complex numbers, including returning an imaginary number when sqrt[-x] is called. 3.8.4: Changed the Help and FunctionHelp to use DHashMap instead of HashMap. This will save memory. 3.8.5: Added new function (cf Functions.cpp). Changed Command::define to better handle ans. 3.8.6: Added 2 new function (cf Functions.cpp). 3.9: Fixed AlPars to better handle negative values. neg[x] is still prefered. 3.9.1: Double will now catch 0^0 requests to exponent(double, double)

Member Function Documentation

static DString Build::getBuild (  )  [inline, static]

static DString Build::getVersion (  )  [inline, static]

Field Documentation

DString Build::todo [static]

Initial value:

 DString("TODO: \n") +
  DString("1. Fix replace in LTree") + 
DString("1. Fix Parser to accept a blank entry of only a RETURN") +
DString("3. Add parentheses to a+b so that (a+b)*c is used instead of a+b*c")

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